Welcome to my website!

I’m Quinn O’Fallon, a teenage girl who enjoys writing deep, whimsical stories, mainly in young adult fantasy, dystopian, and science fiction genres. To explore my site, you can either scroll down or use the menu above.

If you’re interested in reading some of my writing, be sure to check out my serial story, Moonwatcher. Links to chapters can be found here.



A futuristic fantasy serial story with new chapters posted on this blog every Thursday afternoon.

After accidentally allowing a mysterious criminal to escape, an apprentice spy must track him down before her mentor abandons her forever. Read more…


Although sorely lacking in artistic talent, Quinn O’Fallon often paints her latest fantasy story in words, as well as sketching a bit of science fiction and dystopia. Along with creating her own whimsical worlds, she also enjoys writing about reading them and narrating her other authorly adventures on her blog at https://quinnofallon.wordpress.com. If ever you happen upon her penning a story, you will probably find her scribbling down gripping scenes to epic movie soundtracks and writing everything with a fountain pen.